Place Value PowerPoint


Teachers are typically instructed to use the standard computational algorithms (similar to how adults solve problems) when teaching math.  But, this method doesn’t prepare children for more flexible approaches to computation such as student invented strategies.  Place value understanding should be based on the patterns and relationships in the number system.

As teachers, we can use the Digit Correspondence Task to assess students’ understanding of place value.

To help students understand place value, the following should be used:

  • groupable models (the most powerful as students must build)
  • pre-grouped models
  • proportional and non-proportional (coins) models
  • hundreds chart and 99’s chart

I found this 99 Chart to be incredible ….. in that children can see right away the connections that are made with 10 and 11-19, 20 and 21-29, etc.  Otherwise, using a 100 Chart, these connections are not as apparent.

Base Ten Riddles – These were fun and I can see how this would help develop place value understanding more than just using 100’s, 10’s, and 1’s for 534.  Great ideas!


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