Spatial Ability/Reasoning

cube shadow.JPG

That was a lot of fun!  I really liked I Took a Trip on a Train and found it fun and fairly easy to see the order in which the pictures could be taken when beginning at start and circling around.  Plots Plans and Silhouettes was not too difficult and it was fun to “build” the structures that we were given front and side views of.  I did find Shadows challenging at first.  But, once I saw the shadows that were produced, I “got it.”  I initially had trouble seeing what the shape of the shadow would look like if the light was coming from above or in front of the cube.

Spatial competence is important for every day life.  I know that I can’t pack my bookbag or a lunchbox well if I don’t take the time to look at it but instead just start shoving items in.  This is the same as spacial intelligence.  We all need to be able to “see” different situations in our every day life.

I really think that students from K and 1st would benefit from being introduced to these concepts.  Probably not as difficult as the tasks that we experienced, but other more simple work.  I really believe in schema building.  That being said, I really think that the more experiences we give students, be them “educational” experiences or not, the better their understanding of everything will be.  So, let’s give students more opportunities to “play” with shapes and work with them, providing them with building blocks, geometric shapes, everyday items, etc. and ask how can you fit as many as possible into this box.


One thought on “Spatial Ability/Reasoning

  1. It’s funny because I found the Plots, Planes, and Silhouettes so difficult! Maybe because I couldn’t figure out the original view/instructions! I spent about 45 minutes trying to figure just that activity out!!


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