Assessment Plan

In math, I really believe that it’s important to assess students from beginning to end.  This is a subject that really would benefit from extremely close observation of student understanding and then proficiency.

I think that giving a pre-test, known as a diagnostic assessment in the literature, to gauge student understanding and knowledge before introducing the topic concepts and information.  All students come to math from different comfort levels and different backgrounds regardless of grade level.  When beginning instruction of a new topic, a teacher must know where to start and the background understanding of her or his students.

Also, I would like to incorporate formative assessment in my math classes.  It is important to give students challenging problems and let them go.  As a teacher, I would circulate around the room to check in and have students explain their understanding to me.  I would also look at their written work to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This would help me to change lesson plans and pacing to match the needs of the students.

Before a final topic end involving a summative assessment, I would re-administer the pre-assessment in a group setting.  An example would be to display each problem on the overhead and have students work independently.  As we answer each question before going on to the next, I would have several different students come to the board to explain how they “worked” the problem.  Finally, the day after a successful pre-assessment, I would administer a summative assessment. This usually takes the form of a paper and pencil “test.”  I feel it will be important to create a specific rubric for summative assessments.  Rubrics should have number values for each criteria to be included in evaluation.  That being said, I LOVE rubrics for ELA but have never used one for mathematics.  I can only believe that I would appreciate the simplicity and increased focus to goals/objectives that a good math rubric could provide!

I really believe in giving students every opportunity to learn and grow.  In an effort to encourage learning, I will try to match interesting and engaging math lessons, math games, group activities, and assessments with common core standards.  I intend to give students every opportunity within my power to succeed.



One thought on “Assessment Plan

  1. I can see you making learning fun! I like the idea of a pre-assessment because it not only allows you to see where a student is within a given subject or topic but allows the student to see areas of strength, areas that require improvement, and allows them to compare what they’ve learned by the end of a unit or lesson.


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