Intro Module Blog Assessment

Blogging is an interesting activity that I don’t feel I have fully adjusted to as of yet.  I enjoy mulling these new ideas over and trying to give voice to the new concepts and ideas that we have read about.  I do believe that I had thoughtful references to the materials, personal connections to concepts, and critical thinking in my responses; earning me an 8 out of 8.  I tried to have meaningful and engaging comments and questions in response to Katie D’s blog but not sure that I hit the mark.  I definitely responded to her Intro, Graphs/Glyphs, Connections, and Disequilibrium.  But, I think I didn’t realize that I still needed to comment on Doug Clark’s Creative Thinking blog ….. sorry for that Katie.  I believe that I should receive a 1 out of 2 for posting questions and thoughtful comments to the 4 out of 5 blogs that I commented on.  As I read these articles and watch the videos, I do google topics to read/view additional material.  I will try to remember to share this info with Katie as I respond to her blog.  Overall, for my first time out of the gate into the blogging community, I would give myself a 9 out of 10.


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